Sunday Review 31/12/17


©Eddie Mulholland
The Mayfair Antiques & Fine Art Fair The fifth Mayfair Antiques & Fine Art Fair is full of fascinating items for sale from some 40 experts exhibiting together over 4 days, including a tiny carved turquoise Egyptian amulet of Bes, from the Ptolemaic period, 332-30 BC, £2,500 and even older, from the time of great pharaohs Ramses and Tutankhamun (c. 1300 BC), are necklaces made of ancient Egyptian tubular beads in pale green, yellow, orange, brown, bright turquoise and grey faience from Ancient & Oriental. More recent and highly sought-after is a 1970’s Rolex Daytona steel chronograph wristwatch, which was made to record lap times. There is a 5 year waiting list to buy the modern version. This iconic one is for sale for £45,000 from Timewise
PIC: Ashleigh House Fine Art and Antiques collection of Fine Victorian and European Paintings.

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