Sunday Review 31/12/17

Hi Everyone, It’s been a while but your luck has run out. “Mulholland’s Mumbles” are back. I’m going to do the annual review of my pictorial year, but 2018 is going to be plagued by a regular ‘Mumbling’. I was looking through my work and thinking this and that was good and that was interesting but realised if I was going to go into detail it’d be longer than “War and Peace” but if I did it on a monthly basis it might actually be worth reading, so I’m afraid that’s what you’re facing next year. I’m also diving head long back into Black and White film photography with Mr Jeff Moore and we are starting up “Black and White Basics” to teach the magic of shooting ,processing and printing black and white film. So all in all, fingers crossed 2018 should be very interesting.

2017 for me was heavily UK based. Nothing wrong with that, you don’t have to travel to get good pictures. I did a few trips, the most enjoyable being to Hong Kong, somewhere new to tick off.  It was a great trip with a great writer Tom Rowley to illustrate 20 years since HK was handed over to China. Great story but difficult to illustrate, mainly consisting of portraits of movers and shakers that Tom interviewed. But 2017 involved quite a few portraits, lots of Arts jobs, lots of politics and a fair bit of Royals including Prince Harry’s engagement and Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh’s last solo public appearence. Tge latter happened to be with The Royal Marines in front of Buckingham Palace. This job stands out for me mainly because I have never ever been so soaked whilst wearing clothes in my life. It was torrential. I had every lense from 16-35mm to 600mm and had no idea what I’d need. There was no cover and the rain did not let up for one minute, changing lenses was difficult to say the least. I have to give a nod to Nikon here, despite the conditions all my kit kept working and after an evening drying out by the radiator it has all worked since.

The biggest news story of the year in my opinion was the dreadful fire at Grenfell Tower. The morning it happened I was covering the aftermath of another major story, the minute’s silence for the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market at the re-opening of the market. The following day and the next two days after I spent at the tower, it was grim. The locals were great. They got stuck in and looked after eachother and they were mostly helpful to us. As the days went on their frustration became more obvious and as ‘representatives’ of ‘The System’ we became a bit of a target for their anger, understandably so. As I said, it was grim, bloody grim.

Going straight from Grenfell to Ascot was one of those weird things that happens in this job. One day photographing the aftermath of multiple deaths, the next wandering around a car park full of Bentleys and Range Rovers photographing some of the richest people in the land quaffing champers.

Anyway enough of this, I promised not to ramble on, here are some of my faves from 2017.

See if you can spot the Royal job where I arrived sooo early I got “Pole Position”…..

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News Photographer for The Daily Telegraph and former Vice Chairman of The British Press Photographer's Association.
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