Sunday Review-03.11.13

A little off the beaten track for ‘Mulholland’s mumbles’ but in the current climate of image theft from websites and social networks instigating T’s & C’s that are alarmingly similar to right’s grabs I thought I’d share my method of ‘Watermarking’ photographs.

It’s stunningly simple and I’ve found myself showing colleagues on numerous occasions. It involves Photo Mechanic (PM) so if you don’t use that it’s not much use to you, though I would suggest you invest in a copy because in my opinion it is an invaluable piece of software.

Use PM to open the folder that contains the pictures you want to watermark .

Select all the ones you want to mark then hit ‘save as’. In the drop down menu that appears you will see a ‘watermark’ button press this for another drop down menu where you can write whatever you want in a text-field (© symbol is ‘alt’ and ‘g’ ). Have a play with the position, size and opacity ( you can see the settings I generally use in the picture below). When happy hit the ‘OK’ button and it will apply the watermark to every picture selected.

PM will give you the option to save them by default to the folder the originals are in or you can create a new one solely for ‘Watermarked’ images. I do the latter and leave it on my Desktop so I know if I need to upload anything it’ll be in that folder and will be ready to use.

It really is that easy.


About eddiemulh

News Photographer for The Daily Telegraph and former Vice Chairman of The British Press Photographer's Association.
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5 Responses to Sunday Review-03.11.13

  1. Genius! Thanks for that Eddie.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been using Photo Mechanic for a long time, and hadn’t realized how easy this was.

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  4. james says:

    I have been using Mass Watermark to do this in windows.It seems easier

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