Sunday Review-27.10.13

OK folks it’s time for a bit of Mumbling Photographic fun.

I absolutely love local newspapers and had many a happy year on them before the move to Fleet St.

The work involved was very similar to the nationals on occasion but mostly it was a genre all of it’s own. Often cheesy but also challenging it provided a great training ground. Working at The South London Press with the likes of Jeremy Young, Mike Powell, Jonathan Evans, Martin Godwin, Graham Barclay, Chris Bott and Peter Jordan was great experience. We had our own darkroom, we were in charge of ordering film, chemicals and photographic paper. We were also given a great deal of freedom to photograph jobs the way we saw fit.

Martin was at a job with The Mayor of Southwark once when she took to the stage and during her speech seized the opportunity to berate him (and us) in front of the great and the good for refusing to take her picture. We had a policy that we would cover the jobs but we’d never actually have the Mayor (or any mayor) in the photographs.

It was around the time of the launch of The Independent and Newspaper photography was in the ascendant. My first editor Richard Woolveridge told us to go and take nice pictures so we did. Simon O’Neil and Rob Bowden also just trusted us to get the work done.

I’m really fond of some of the real cheesy stuff I shot then, we all did it but it was with our tongues firmly in our cheeks. Having said that the big jobs did come along on occasion be it breaking news like The Clapham Train Crash or a royal venturing Sarf…

Anyway here are a selection of the good the bad and the ugly..

That should read copyright Jeremy young who took this one of me in action.

.COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulhollandeddie_mulholland@hotmail.com00447831 257107A handsome Sarf London family celebrate with their 100 year old matriarch who loved watching horse racing on the TV (hence the TV).

.COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107


I vaguely remember that the gist of this story was that the bowls club only had one plug socket so the tea urn had to be plugged in in the ladies changing room with hilarious consequences….COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulhollandeddie_mulholland@hotmail.com00447831 257107I think this chap was called John Gladden..he erected a Swordfish on his house in Norbury and a planning permission battle escalated to this… .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulhollandeddie_mulholland@hotmail.com00447831 257107

…No idea…new management at the Brockwell Cafe….COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107

..again no idea….COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Lookalikes at the opening of a furniture store in Fulham..this was actually for The London Newspaper Group. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107The Classic “Bad Smells from the drain” picture… .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107A break from cheese to hard news during The Clapham Train Crash. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107 .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107 .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Police enter a building during a seige..Brockley I idea how I got so close. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Security guard with gunshot wounds to his leg after an armed robbery across the road from our Streatham office. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Typical dodgy housing story. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107“Someone stole our dog”… .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Diana visiting Kennington. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107The last days of the Peak Frean’s biscuit factory in Bermondsey. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Queen Mum…no idea where. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Iris Bentley sister of Derek Bentley who was controversially hanged in 1953 over the murder of a policeman during a burglary. Despite being in custody (held down by another policeman) and not actually firing the shot he was none the less given the death sentence. Iris campaigned for his pardon ..COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107” A Darwinian Nightmare” a “Bandog” a cross between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and an American Pitbull. My very first Page 1 for The Daily Telegraph after the SLP had used it. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Local boy David Bowie back in Brixton..Tim Bishop of The Times is the chap in the background with the ‘Metz’ flashgun. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Ballet for local schoolkids at Dulwich Picture Gallery. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Police patrols in the underpasses at The Elephant and Castle. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Armed police storming a flat in Kennington. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107“Healthy Fruit” God knows… .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Kids playing in an impromptu paddling pool following a mains burst in Bermondsey. DTEMLOCAL19Rough sleepers in the ‘Bullring’ under the roundabout at Waterloo. DTEMLOCAL18Simon Hughes…he’d do anything to get in the paper.. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107A very bizarre way to illustrate a story about a local carpet company fitting a blind woman’s house for free. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Roy Hudd opening a charity shop. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107You can’t beat a raised eyebrow…I think it was a sponsored doughnut eating competition.. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107Not sure if the farm is still about but I doubt the protestor is. .COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland 00447831 257107



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News Photographer for The Daily Telegraph and former Vice Chairman of The British Press Photographer's Association.
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8 Responses to Sunday Review-27.10.13

  1. Chris Furlong says:

    Excellent Eddie, and made me reminisce. I miss those days, the fun characters and nutters who would do anything ‘to be in the paper’. Getting something out of nothing and those cheesy pictures were fun and actually hard to do well. The fun and standard of pictures (possibly due to the standard of stories) in the local papers I get has gone. I can only imagine it is due to the fact that the young guys have nobody to learn from theses days. The old guy who knew every trick in the book and ALWAYS came back with a picture.
    The picture of Bowie is brilliant! It certainy would not happen now.. Some jumped up inexperienced PR totty would make sure of that.
    Thanks for jogging lots of happy memories… We are all just too serious now… sadly.

  2. Peter Jordan. says:

    Great set of pictures. What a pleasure it was to work at the SLP.

  3. Grant says:

    Very interesting Eddie, Black n White still give a more moody image and tells a better story. Adds more drama. Nice piece.

  4. Lee says:

    Wonderful stuff Eddie, I found myself smiling away through a lot of those…. Any more?

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  6. Emma says:

    Great memories. Pretty much every one of these made me smile because I can either remember the story behind it or was there covering it……. There must be a whole lot more. And do you still have negs of me and Hercules the bear and me and Frank Bruno? Would love to see those again.

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