Sunday Review 16/12/12


Mcc0044391-COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland
Make up and makeover time for Royal Parks swans reunited after lovers’ tiff Two black swans separated after a lovers’ tiff have been reunited and will return this Friday to their home on the lake in Queen Mary’s Gardens, which has been given a makeover. The pair of Australian swans from Queen Mary’s Gardens Lake in The Regent’s Park caused The Royal Parks’ Wildlife Officers to scratch their heads when they began squabbling in early summer last year. Swans mate for life and this particular pair had been together for almost seven years. Wildlife Officer Dave Johnson took one of the pair to the top pond at the Nature Study Centre on Hannover Island, leaving the other to cool off on the lake in Queen Mary’s Gardens. Happily though, it wasn’t long before the swan left in Queen Mary’s Gardens took to the Inner Circle in search of its mate and ready to make peace. Dave Johnson spotted the lonely swan searching the Inner Circle, calling for his mate and reunited the two love birds at the Nature Study Centre. But before the birds could return to the lake in Queen Mary’s Gardens, there were some important home improvements to be made.

COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland

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