Sunday Review 9/12/12


May0044192-COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland
WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE TEA-PARTY: A TABLE SETTING WITH PORCELAIN WORTH £1M COMES TO AUCTION AT BONHAMS A table setting of the most valuable tea services in the world will be available to photograph at 9.30am on Monday 3rd December ahead of the Marouf Collection sale of highly important 18th century Meissen porcelain on Wednesday 5th December at 101 New Bond Street. The total value of all the items in the tea setting, which includes 8 of the top lots in the sale, will be up to £1,015,000. One of the most exquisite lots is the half-figure service (lot 19), whose Chinoiserie decoration is generally considered to be the finest of all Meissen decoration. A sophisticated palette is used in scenes depicting half-length figures in complex and subtle narrative. One of the other top lots in the sale is a rare early Meissen part tea and coffee service (lot 20) estimated at £80,000 – 100,000, each piece showing scenes depicting merchants and their wares. Another of the highlights is an extremely rare Meissen chocolate cup and saucer (lot 39) from the Swan service, estimated at £25,000 – 35,000. The cup and saucer is a rare survivor from this beautifully modelled and unique 18th Century service, which was largely destroyed by the Red Army at the end of the Second World War. Ordered in 1736 the Swan service originally comprised over 2,200 pieces, before a staggering 50 per cent was subject to violent destruction. Many pieces in the Said & Roswitha Marouf Collection have been exhibited in museum exhibitions, including the legendary 2010 exhibition in the Japanese Palace in Dresden to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Meissen manufactory. The Said and Roswitha Marouf Collection is one of the most valuable collections of Meissen porcelain in the world and brings together many exceptionally rare pieces.

COPYRIGHT © Eddie Mulholland

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